Starting a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria can be very lucrative and it requires less capital to start it. In this article, we have carefully explained in details how to start this very lucrative business in Nigeria without breaking the bank.

Imagine importing an item and making over 70% profit from each of the items, this is what most of this people into Mini Importation Business make on daily basis. You can carefully go through the article to get the steps involved.

What is Mini Importation Business?

Mini importation business involves buying of goods online from the manufacturers who based in some  of these countries like China, India, Turkey and selling these goods in Nigeria at a profitable rate. The best part of this business is that you don’t have to spend money on traveling to these countries to get your goods, rather, you stay at the comfort of your home and place the order and you will get the goods in weeks.

Is Mini Importation Profitable?

Yes, it is very profitable. It all depends on the product you bought and how much you are willing to sell them. For example you bought a product from China at #1000 and you want to sell it at #3000.

What do you need to start a Mini Importation Business?

Below are the things you need to get started with your Mini Importation Business in Nigeria.

  1. Get a capital of #30,000,00 and above
  2. Get a computer or laptop or a smartphone
  3. Create an email
  4. Get access to steady internet service
  5. Get a good location to receive your goods
  6. Get a card that can carry out international transactions.

How much does it cost to start a mini importation in Nigeria?

You can start a Mini Importation Business wit as low as #30,000,00. All you need is to have a proper information on how to go about the business.

What are the fast selling products in Nigeria?

Below are the fast selling products in Nigeria





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